Ninsaude Apolo

Electronic record with digital signature

Say goodbye to the papers and serve your patients with legally valid electronic medical records.

Modernize patient care & optimize practice efficacy.





Insert and visualize your patients' progress with quick tools that facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

Electronic record

Legal validity without printing anything.

Chill out about the information in your patients' medical records. Ninsaude Apolo has legally valid digital signatures, without printing anything.

Legal validity
Smart inputs

Custom forms

Create custom forms with different types of responses and view them as general, individual charts, or time tables.

The forms can be used by pediatricians, clinicians, neurologists, gynecologists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, dermatologists, urologists, among others.

Custom forms

More features

Timer: greater profitability by managing your time

Do not delay the appointments of your patients and have greater profitability by managing your time.

Patient groups of pathologies, age groups, risk, among others

Organize your patients by groups of pathologies, age groups, risk, among others and use them for information and statistics.

Patient history

Navigate the patient's history while inserting new information into the patient's progress.

Variables calculate drug dosages and ventricular mass

Create and insert variables that automatically calculate, for example, drug dosages and ventricular mass.

Patient Allergies

Report patient allergies and be notified if you prescribe an allergic drug.

Prescription medication

Prescribe new drugs or use previously prescribed templates.

The bigger the team,

greater the advantage

With progressive discounts, your entire team can migrate to Apolo. Request a quote now!