Physiotherapy clinic management system.

Manage your team's physiotherapy sessions with the highest level of organization and documentation.

Person receiving back massage Person doing exercise Women stretching Person receiving back massage Screen to add cards System screen
Body mass index for physical therapists

BMI: Body mass index for physical therapists

Track your patients' BMI and know the best time to evolve the exercises. This feature is displayed whenever you attend a patient using the Ninsaúde Apolo clinic software.

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International knee documentation committee

IKDC: International knee documentation committee

Monitor the IKDC SCORE of your injured patients and find out what is the best time to return to sports.

Agendamentos recorrentes

Recurring schedules

Register schedules that are repeated daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. Make them definitive when they are confirmed. System for physiotherapists demand this resource for continued treatments.

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Recurring costs

costs that repeat weekly, monthly, or annually

Register receipts or payments that are repeated weekly, monthly or annually. In addition, install the titles easily.

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