Ninsaude Apolo

Multiclinical and multiprofessional scheduling

Streamline your tasks with a medical agenda optimized for multiple clinics and professionals.

Online Scheduling




Manage the clinic agenda visually and quickly to maximize your time and work.



Create schedules that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Make them final when they are confirmed.

Recurring schedules
Patient Check-in

Vacancy alerts

Notify patients of open positions to anticipate your appointments and keep your schedule always full.

Vacancy alerts

More features

Multiclinal and multiprofessional agenda

Optimize scheduling and patient reception by switching professionals on a single agenda.

Appointments confirmation

Reduce absences by up to 68%, automatically confirming appointments by SMS.


Check out how many patients are scheduled by insurances and easily manage patients.

Return scheduling

The professional can request the return of the patient with priority and date defined, who will be advised at the reception.

Agenda lock

With just one click, block the agenda for holidays, conferences or events for one or more professionals.

Online scheduling

With a few clicks, your patients schedule appointments through your clinic's website and social networks.

The bigger the team,

greater the advantage

With progressive discounts, your entire team can migrate to Apolo. Request a quote now!