Ninsaude Apolo

Security of electronic medical records

Secure electronic medical record with digital signature and legally valid.

System for clinics with the best security.


Enhanced protection

Keep your patients' confidential information safe

No paper.
No install.

Don`t be held hostage by the papers that need physical place to be stored and can be stolen, nor of programs that need to be installed in the computer that are lost when it`s broken. All the access and work of Ninsaude Apolo is done online and has the protection of Google data centers, the largests and most protected storages in the world.

No paper. No install.

Compliance and certifications

Our infrastructure is certified to comply with a variety of standards and controls, as well as independent third-party audits to test data protection, privacy, and security.

Security certifications ISO 27001, ISO 27017, AICPA SOC, ISAE 3402, AICPA SOC 3, SSAE 15
Security certifications

Protection and use of data HIPAA, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, PRIVACY SHIELD
Protection and use of data

Technical info

Data Encryption

Cloud platform services always encrypt client-stored content at rest without any action by the client, using one or more cryptographic mechanisms. These same policies and key management are adopted by Google and Gmail.

Data access

The application layers and storage stack of Ninsaude Apollo infrastructure require that requests received from other components be authenticated and authorized. The access of production administrative engineers to applications is also controlled.

Physical security

Data centers are equipped with custom electronic access cards, alarms, gates that control vehicle access, perimeter insulation, metal detectors, biometrics and laser intrusion detection system.

Deactivating damaged disks

After disabled from the system, hard drives with customer information go through a process of data destruction before being removed from the data center facilities. The data is deleted from the disks by authorized persons by a process approved by the Security Team.

The bigger the team,

greater the advantage

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