Ninsaude Apolo

Intelligent charts and reports for clinics

What is the next step? Where are the opportunities? Answer these questions with intelligent charts and reports.

Smart analysis




Turn your data into innovative ideas.

Smart analysis


Develop strategies to balance schedules among clinic physicians and to invest in more solidified areas. Also improve the quality of services by checking the time in the waiting room and the average service.

Scheduling charts
Heat maps


Monitor the financial performance of the clinic as well as the profitability per patient. With this information you can easily disclose balance sheet results to partners or raise funds for financing and investments.

Financial charts
Medical care charts

More features

User Productivity

Track the productivity of your employees by grouping them by ABC scales.

Attendance list

Provide a list of the day's attendance at the reception or security of the building.

Monitoring long-term treatment

Know how much time on average takes a long treatment to be finalized.

The bigger the team,

greater the advantage

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